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Best Low-Impact Exercises for Joint and Muscle Pain

Best Low-Impact Exercises for Joint and Muscle Pain

Muscle pain and joint pain are inevitable consequences of aging. Some experience this condition as they hit 50 or 60. Meanwhile, some suffer from chronic pain due to injuries and underlying medical conditions like arthritis.

Muscle pain and joint pain reduces the mobility and functionality of a person. It makes it harder to perform physical activities without suffering from pain. As a result, many who has chronic pain rather follow a sedentary lifestyle.

Living sedentary is a big mistake, especially when suffering from conditions such as these. Medical professionals recommend that people with chronic pain and even arthritis must continue to live actively. Staying fit and exercising increases muscle and joint strength, flexibility, and combats fatigue as well. Likewise, it supports faster recovery from injuries.

It is a fact that strenuous physical movements are not advisable for individuals with chronic pain. The best way for them to stay fit and be active is by using low-impact exercises.

What are Low Impact Exercises?

Low impact exercises refer to exercises where contact is very little. When talking about impact, it is the action of the body coming in contact with another object, like the floor or equipment. Therefore, low-impact workout exercises wherein the body have little to no contact with another object.

Fitness specialists highly suggest that people with joint and muscle issues and injuries use low-impact exercises rather than high-impact workouts. High-impact workouts can cause stress and intense pressure on the joints and muscles. Hence, it can lead to more pain and slower recovery from injuries.

Low-impact workouts offer similar results to the body when performing high-impact exercises. It promotes strength, flexibility, stamina, and cardiovascular health. Low-impact exercises also boost the immune system and support weight loss. However, it is gentler on the body and easier to perform.

Most Recommended Low-Impact Exercises

There are various low-impact exercises you can try. Below is a list of highly suggested low-impact workouts.

  • Walking

According to experts, walking is the best form of exercise. It does not require equipment, and anyone can do it anytime and anywhere.

When walking, start slowly and walk for about 20 to 30 minutes, at least three to five times per week. As you progress, you can walk faster and add more distance. But of course, make sure to wear correct footwear to prevent foot and ankle injury.

  • Swimming

Another popular low-impact exercise is swimming. It supports muscle development, faster recovery from injuries, and reduces chronic pain.

The water acts as a natural resistance to the body. The body pushes against the resistance and improves endurance.

  • Bike Riding

If you love to go out and have fun, bike riding is one of the best low-impact exercises out there. It takes off the pressure on the knees and a great exercise for the joints. Moreover, it exercises the hips and back and eases the pain.

When riding a bike, take on smoother and easier trails first. You can ride off-trail and take challenging terrains as your body condition improves.

  • Yoga

You don’t have to spend money and leave the house to do yoga. Free video tutorials are available online. You can also hire a yoga instructor if you’ve got a bigger budget.


Chronic pain and aging is not a hindrance to staying fit. Exercising is what your body needs to be stronger and tougher.

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