Tucson Pima Open Studio Tour | Can You Still Make a Living from Blogging in 2021?
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Can You Still Make a Living from Blogging in 2021?

Can You Still Make a Living from Blogging in 2021?

The short answer is yes, you can most certainly make money from blogging even today. If anything, you can most likely make more money from blogging in 2021 than you could have three years ago. Don’t make the mistake of acknowledging changes in rules as the end of blogging, which seems to be the modern trend.

So long as you stay up to date with the latest algorithm changes, the opportunity to earn money from a blog will always be there. With that out of the way, we will focus on a few quick tips and tricks that should help you to start earning better and faster this year.

Create Relevant Content

Relevant content would technically be anything that works for your blog, but that is not an accurate description of relevant content, at least not in 2021. There are three primary aspects of creating a relevant piece of blog content:

  1. The post must be relevant to your blog.
  2. The topic must be relevant to your audience/followers.
  3. The whole thing must be relevant to your sponsor(s) for the post.

Use Responsive Web & Resource Design

Responsive design is the latest and the most widely adopted web design for both websites and web applications. For example, this is a good WordPress coupon plugin for blogsites which utilizes its responsive design to strategically fit any window that it needs to.

As a result, your sponsor’s coupons will always appear at the exact place where they’re supposed to, whether the page is being viewed from a classic 16:9 laptop display, a 16:10 iPad display, or even a 19:9 ultrawide, modern Android smartphone display.

What about an eCommerce Plugin?

Whether you have a YouTube Channel, a WordPress blogsite, or a blogsite to market your brand, there is money to be made from adding an eCommerce plugin to the site. Understand that we are not discussing a full-fledged eCommerce website by any means, because that requires a completely different approach to site building.

However, by adding a simple eCommerce plugin to the blogsite, you can start selling exclusive, limited merchandise that’s directly relevant to what the blog is about. Keep in mind that for this to work, the blog’s followers, subjects, content, posts, and the merchandise must all be tied together in some way or another. If you have even a decent following online, it is a good way to earn a decent, side income from your blog.

Post covid, people have started depending more on the internet than before. Naturally, it would be folly to think that the opportunity to earn from an online blog has dwindled by any means. Of course, Google, Bing and other popular search engines are in the constant process of culling out spam/scam/substandard/illegal/shady sites.

This can make it difficult at times because SEO strategies must be changed after each update to keep blogs relevant to the crawlers. In short, it has become a more difficult process, but so has the potential to earn big from blogs.

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