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Different Categories of Relationships


Different Categories of Relationships

         A relationship is a bond between two or more people. It is based on various norms and mutual feelings. The form of love that one has for another person cannot be confined to one single category of relationship.

      Each person feels love in their own way and has a unique style of expressing it. No matter the form of relationship one is in it is crucial in maintaining a perfect balance. Here we have compiled a list of different categories of relationship that can help you understand various relationships better.

1) Open Relationships –

         An open relationship is a combination of a polygamous and monogamous relationship. They are when people can have more than one physical partner but are bound to only one emotional partner. A key component for this form of relationship is maintaining complete honesty.


2) Monogamous Relationships –

         This is considered as one of the purest and oldest forms of relationship. In this one person is bound to another person both physically and emotionally. This is the first form of relationship anyone learns as it is precisely similar to Marriage

3) Polygamous Relationships –

         Polygamous Relationship is wholly based on honesty and communication between people. This form of relationship is completely opposite from monogamy as a person can have more than one form of emotional and physical partners — this the most common form of relationship practiced in today’s generation.

4) Long Distance Relationships –

         Long Distance relationships are exactly as the name goes. In this form of relationship, two people who have an emotional connection or are in a relationship stay far away from each other due to various reasons. This relationship goes through a lot of problems as communication takes place rarely due to the difference in time zone. As per the survey goes most of the long-distance relationships don’t seem to last.

5) Friends with Benefits Relationship –

         This form of relationship is completely based on the physical connection between two people. There is no emotional factor involved in this form of relationship. “ Friends with benefits” relationship can only work if both parties agree to the mutual understanding of not getting emotionally involved with each other in any manner.

6) Toxic Relationship –

          This form of relationship looks excellent and perfect on the outside but is actually highly toxic in reality. This form of relationship involves two people who are always irritated from each other due to various reasons, but at the same time are also scared to leave this relationship.

7) One-sided Relationship –

         A one-sided relationship is where one person is entirely in love with another person, but the other person does not feel the same. Despite them being the most loving, nice and kind people by their nature, if they get into this relationship, it is doomed to go bad with one person being badly hurt emotionally without the other knowing.

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