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The Right Vibe

The Right Vibe

Arguably, we live in an era that is unparalleled in its acceptance and even its celebration of what is different, what is unique and what is diverse. The current generation has bid the prudish social norms of the past a very well deserved fare thee well. Nothing highlights this as much as the rise of the adult sex toy industry. Blame it on the blatant, unapologetic sexuality exhibited by the lead characters in the now iconic sitcom, Sex in the City. Blame it on the unexpected popularity of E.L. James Fifty Shades of Grey series that brought BDSM out of the shadows and in the bright light of day. Blame it on the World Wide Web’s mind boggling ability to connect everyone and everything. Whatever or whoever you blame it on; acceptance of sexual curiosity and all kinds of consensual kink is the new social norm.

Enter the vibrator. The vibrator is quite possibly the worst kept secret in the world. Everyone knows about it. Everyone has or knows someone who has it. Everyone knows how to use it and what it is for. However, no one really talks about it. This unspoken rule of silence can make it very difficult for a curious first timer intent on making his or her first purchase.

There is not just one type of vibrator. In the world of adult sex toys an entire niche is dedicated to this classic device of self-pleasure. First off you have your classic vibrator, and keep in mind that the word classic does not equal boring. There is a reason why classic vibrators have stood the test of time and it is up to you to find out why. For those looking for a little more edge to their love play there are suction vibrators, magic wands, remote vibrators, rabbit vibrators, egg vibrators, butterfly vibrators and G-spot vibrators aplenty to name but a few of the more adventurous options. Sexual experimentation has never been this easy and accessible.

The right choice of vibrator can make or break your journey into sexuality. There is no one right choice just as there is no one wrong choice. There is only the choice that best fits your sexual needs and lifestyle. After all you wouldn’t want to be lugging about a full on Vibrator set complete with all the wand attachments when a travel friendly Bullet Vibe would do for that weekend camping trip, right? In much the same way as remote vibrators would probably be more suitable for a couple itching to take their relationship down a more thrilling path paved with unpredictable jolts of orgasmic fun.

Thankfully https://www.simplipleasure.com/collections/vibrators has your proverbial back. One click and you will be presented with a wide array of quality choices from the most discreet travel friendly vibrators to powerful vibrators for that explosive bit of intimate fun. Human creativity and innovation knows no limits and the variety of vibrators available in https://www.simplipleasure.com/collections/vibrators will serve to convince you of the truth to those words.

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